RETIREMENT of the Chief Port Health Inspector

Mr Laurence Dettman, Chief Port Health Inspector since 2002, and an employee of the Authority for 55 years, has announced his forthcoming retirement on 30 June 2023.

Laurence started work with the Authority in September 1968 as a Student Environmental Health Officer. Following final qualification in 1972, he was appointed as Port Health Inspector before becoming Assistant Chief Port Health Inspector in 1996. Being appointed as Chief Port Health Inspector was, he says, "the greatest honour and privilege of my career".

Laurence said recently, "If I have played some small part in raising the standards of health and welfare for seafarers and helped improve food safety, air quality and general public health, I retire a happy man". " I will, of course, miss the many wonderful colleagues and others I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with during such a long and fascinating career, but it is now time to hand over to my successor, and look forward to being able to devote more time with family and indulging in my many hobbies.