Our Charges

Port Health imported food inspection charges at our Border Control Post are calculated annually on a cost recovery basis.

Border Control Post charges are currently categorised as;

a) non-EU High Risk Food of Non-Animal Origin, 

b) non-EU Fishery Products

Food sample costs vary according to the size and nature of the required analysis.

Food samples that appear unsatisfactory, and subject to confirmatory testing to establish exact levels of contamination, will invariably increase costs payable by the importer.

The Authority is required to apply at least the minimum charge for veterinary checks on certain products of animal origin (including fishery products).

Ship Sanitation Certificates

Charges are also reviewed annually and agreed nationally for Ship Sanitation Certificate Inspections.

Environmental Permits

Environmental permit application and subsistence fees are charged to the Operator at a nationally agreed rate.

Organic Food Imports

Organic food import checks are charged to importers at an agreed national rate of £45 per certificate.

Export Health Verification Certificates

These are chargeable at a locally set rate of £85 per certificate.

Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated Fishing Regulation (IUU)


IUU Catch Certificate verification and checks are set at a local cost recovery rate.

Plastic Kitcheware Imports from China & Hong Kong - Charges for Official Controls

Charged to importers on a cost recovery basis with additional analytical costs as appropriate.